The Foodie Wayyy Gift Guide

Updated: Dec 25, 2020

A gift guide not just for foodies, but for anyone and everyone.

It's the holidays and time to buy gifts for the people in our lives...and I'm not just talking about close loved ones. Sometimes it's hard to pick a thoughtful gift for someone you might not know super well (i.e. colleagues, caretakers, etc.) but who deserve one nonetheless. Here are some options to help you track down those trickier's also great for yearlong gifting!

Baked Goods

This is an easy and universally beloved option. You can bake something yourself or, if you're like me and that's not really your forte, shipping from a bakery is a nice option.

For example, Levain Bakery (their famous cookies pictured here) is an awesome choice. They are located in NYC but do nationwide shipping which is definitely worth it if you are trying to go for classic and personal gift!

Some other nice bakery options are below:

For Coffee and Tea Lovers

Ahhh yes, very well. This is good for a girl like me :)

If you know the person has a specific type of coffee or tea they love, try to get them a gift set from their their fave place. Some gift sets that I love are the La Colombe Coffee Roasters gift boxesa trio of 3 types of their coffee beans—and this matcha gift set from Alfred Coffee.

Going slighter larger, an individual coffee maker is practical, useful and more affordable than you probably realize. Here are a couple options at different price points:

Nespresso's VertuoPlus Keurig's K-Mini Single Serve

Ranging between $115-150 About $80

How gorgeous is this?? A sleek glass tea set for the iced tea lovers in your life. Comes with two glass pitchers and a five-piece iced tea sampler setall for only $55. I want to buy one for myself just to feel fancy.

A Personalized Gift Box

Last but not least, a box of bundled goodies is an exciting way to show people your love and appreciation. Whether purchasing a ready made one or crafting one yourself, make sure the box or basket doesn't turn into a graveyard of unwanted mugs or old white elephant gifts.

My latest obsession is BoxFox, a company that creates the trendy gift box for you. They have pre-made sets you can choose from, ranging in price from the $30s to $150, or you can choose the items yourself from their marketplace collection. They have everything from candles to hot cocoa to coffee table books to CBD soaps and so much more!

They are a bustling small business success story, constantly bringing in new curated items so they are always on the latest trends and never feel jaded. Oh, and they are run by a team of badass women (and adorable doggies) and I know we all love to see that!

Use this link for $10 off your first order over $75: HTTP://RWRD.IO/5NC5CDB

Happy shopping!

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